Cherry Blossom DC

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Cherry Blossom Washington DC I hope you both enjoy the imagery of this blog and find it useful if you ever want to grab a camera and starting shooting yourself. After 4years of living in DMV area and every year … Continue reading

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Chincoteague Island

It was a beautiful Thursday Morning, I woke up @ 3am to drive all the way for 3 and half hours to reach to the Island of Chincoteague… Another beautiful location along side the coasts of Virginia…

After picking up my friend Niki, We drove through Annapolis, based on her recommendation to be able to get some nice sunrise shots.(Above is one result of this drive)

Chincoteague is a great place to visit, relax, photograph and chill. With beautiful wildlife scenery, White sand beach and friendly resident.

Remember its about 3 to 4 hours drive based on driving off DC and northern VA. Be prepared for a long drive.

We have arrived in the island not knowing the speed limit (which is 25mph) so I was pulled over by a beautiful friendly female cop (that doesn’t happen often) warning me about me speeding (I was driving 40mph if you wondering) she asked where we headed and when I told her I was a photographer she told me”take some nice shots” and with a smile wished us a wonderful day, which it was.

Here is my visual representation of the location and the trip.

This is a beautiful place to shoot if you are a photographer or if you just need a place to chill, get a tan or wonder around a wild life.

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Meadowlark Botanical Gardens

meadowlark botanical gardensIt was another day off from the routine everyday job on a Friday spring afternoon which I have decided to explore a more colorful location for this blog.

I came across this location meadowlark botanical gardens @ Vienna, Virginia.

A great place for me to try get some colored images. Its another beautiful Botanical Park with beautiful flowers, plants, trees and a lake.

I highly recommend this place for portrait shoot based on the time of the year.

I will go and visit the place for a portrait shoot myself very soon.

Here is the outcome of my day spent at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens:

I hope you enjoy this post.

Peace and Love

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Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington National Cemetery

It was a beautiful sunny Thursday with a blue sky and a good temperature after such a long time. I simply felt the need to get out there and go for a shoot.

I have been hearing a lot about this place and how wonderful is to go there and shoot. My experience was nothing short of all the hype.

Packed my bag, called up a friend and went for it.As you walk around you see pieces of history buried under ground. thousands of tombs. This place needs no writing so I am going to let you enjoy the images.

By walking through the tombs and reading some names just few rang a bell and reminded me of how many live life and how few live and make a mark.


And here goes my rest of the day in brief imagery. I hope you enjoy it.

I highly recommend a visit to this location and make sure you have enough time since they will kick you out by 5pm at least thats what they did on our trip

I hope you enjoy this

Peace and Love

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Druid Hill Park & Baltimore Harbor

Druid Hill Park

It seems like every time I decide to go for a shoot I end up in Baltimore 🙂

I had a day to myself on Saturday and decided to go on another small expedition with a friend “Ms. Alysa”. After asking around and some googling we have chosen the Druid Park and its neighboring areas for a fun day of shoot.

The Park is interesting, it has a nice jogging and bicycle trail with a great view of the city, The area is filled with old, some deserted and semi demolished properties which I thought it was an amazing to shoot.

We started with the tower on side of the park and ended the expedition at the other with exploring “The Howard Peters Rawlings Conservatory and Botanic Gardens of Baltimore

The Tower

The Tower

The Howard Peters Rawlings Conservatory and Botanic Gardens

The Howard Peters Rawlings Conservatory and Botanic Gardens

Here is a photographic presentation of the neighborhood and the Park in B&W:

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And now A color presentation:

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After The Druid Hill we ended up with so much hunger and the hunt for a place to eat, despite my adventurous and spontaneous personality and being ready for any kind of cafe or restaurant, my beautiful company had no care for any of the little walking by places we visited and decided we need to rely on the world of technology and phone applications to find a dinner to dine at. So after a little research done by the co-pilot and failed attempt to a close doors, we ended up in a little Greek restaurant called “Samos” which I highly recommend if you fancy a Greek food, have the patient of waiting in life for about 20 minutes and your company is not starving 😛 (Make sure you have cash on you since they don’t accept any credit card but don’t sweat it much since they do have an ATM machine which you can withdraw for a small fee.

Story short, after that we hit the Harbor, enjoyed the side walks, the water, the birds and view. I should warn you the scenery and the walk could turn little romantic and you might get carried away so have your head straight or make sure you are there with the right person 😉 …

Here is a little preview of the bird watching on the this trip and some shots from the back alley’s of Samos:

I hope you enjoy this one too

Peace and Love

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Rally to Restore Sanity

Was this another normal Saturday in DC?

as someone who has lived, worked and played in DC for the past one year I sure answer no.

It was all the same when I woke up, packed my camera bag, headed to school and was ready for a day of learning at my class, until the instructor mentioned it is a great day for us beginners to go out there and participate in the rally and try to shoot this event.

Me and few other classmate filled with excitement hopped in metro and headed that way, knowing what to expect (specially me).

We arrived at the scene of thousands of participant on the street many dressed up with customs and others carrying loud signs making a statement. a stage filled with celebrities, artists and musicians which I managed to miss due to the high volume of the crowd and nagging of a classmate.

Here I am going to display my favorite shots of the day which I believe all are self-explanatory.

On the way to Sanity:














Customs and Faces:








Let the Signs speak:

And with the last image we come to an end of this chapter I am not so sure if my post is going to restore sanity in your life but I sure hope it gives you a little sense of the event.

Please do not forget to leave me your comments

Peace and Love

Here is an sideshow for you if you are a visual person 🙂

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Kathina Ceremony

Kathina Ceremony

Kathina Ceremony

What is Kathina Ceremony:

I am not going to pretend I am the expert in the field by trying to explain this to you. I will direct you to another source which I came across researching the event:

Source (Click the link to be guided to the informative web page explaining all there is to this ceremony)

My Experience:

Nov 2010, I had the pleasure of accompanying another friend and fellow photographer to the Thai Kathina Ceremony which was filled with cultural learning, festivity and entertainment. Did I mention the delicious fresh Thai food?!

We drove there and as soon as I entered the parking which was nothing but an open grass area, carefully organized and divided with ropes from one end to the other, I realized the professionalism of the organizers of the event.

Being the music Lover this image was the first thing which caught my eyes

Music @ Kathina

Music @ Kathina

A small group of musician on a stage playing different instrument. yet again this image reminded me of a day filled with excitement and happiness.

The Instruments

The Instruments

After getting carried away in the sound of music, I started exploring the venue.

Continue reading

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