Cherry Blossom DC

Cherry Blossom Washington DC

I hope you both enjoy the imagery of this blog and find it useful if you ever want to grab a camera and starting shooting yourself.

After 4years of living in DMV area and every year have the visit in mind this year 2013 was the year for me to pay my visit to this beautiful scenery.

After a little research online I found out Tidal Basin” would be a great location for me to shoot I will get all the cherry blossom while capturing some iconic monuments and buildings.

Parking: is not an issue if you wake up early, you can find paid street parking around but if you are like me and want to have a piece of mind and not worry about the hour limitation plenty of parking garages around I found one for $13 whole day.

Make sure you have comfortable shoes on for the walk and if you are allergic to pollen take your medication just in case.

Enough writing lets get to images, it speaks for itself. Before we get to it, I would appreciate any feedback and I hope you enjoy my post.

I categories my work in three different categories:

  1. HDR (High Dynamic Range)
  2. Black and White (You say why take the color out of this beautiful scenery?! I think some of it works well, I let you be the judge)
  3. Naked Camera (basically what you see is what I shot with possibly very minimal color correction)

1. HDR 

Cherry Blossom DC 2013

Cherry Blossom DC 2013

The Gallery:

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2. Black and white

Cherry Blossom 2013

Cherry Blossom 2013

The Gallery:

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3. Naked Camera

Cherry Blossom 2013

Cherry Blossom 2013

The Gallery:

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Peace and Love

© Prince Raassi Photography


About raassi

A Photographer and an Activist for peace and love. I am a photographer reside in DC area focused on fashion, portrait and commercial photography. I do some cultural and travel photography which both is a big part of my learning process of life, people, cultures and locations. This blog is just a showcase of my travel and cultural experiences
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