Chincoteague Island

It was a beautiful Thursday Morning, I woke up @ 3am to drive all the way for 3 and half hours to reach to the Island of Chincoteague… Another beautiful location along side the coasts of Virginia…

After picking up my friend Niki, We drove through Annapolis, based on her recommendation to be able to get some nice sunrise shots.(Above is one result of this drive)

Chincoteague is a great place to visit, relax, photograph and chill. With beautiful wildlife scenery, White sand beach and friendly resident.

Remember its about 3 to 4 hours drive based on driving off DC and northern VA. Be prepared for a long drive.

We have arrived in the island not knowing the speed limit (which is 25mph) so I was pulled over by a beautiful friendly female cop (that doesn’t happen often) warning me about me speeding (I was driving 40mph if you wondering) she asked where we headed and when I told her I was a photographer she told me”take some nice shots” and with a smile wished us a wonderful day, which it was.

Here is my visual representation of the location and the trip.

This is a beautiful place to shoot if you are a photographer or if you just need a place to chill, get a tan or wonder around a wild life.

About raassi

A Photographer and an Activist for peace and love. I am a photographer reside in DC area focused on fashion, portrait and commercial photography. I do some cultural and travel photography which both is a big part of my learning process of life, people, cultures and locations. This blog is just a showcase of my travel and cultural experiences
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  1. saeedehsisi says:

    Amazing shots …

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