Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington National Cemetery

It was a beautiful sunny Thursday with a blue sky and a good temperature after such a long time. I simply felt the need to get out there and go for a shoot.

I have been hearing a lot about this place and how wonderful is to go there and shoot. My experience was nothing short of all the hype.

Packed my bag, called up a friend and went for it.As you walk around you see pieces of history buried under ground. thousands of tombs. This place needs no writing so I am going to let you enjoy the images.

By walking through the tombs and reading some names just few rang a bell and reminded me of how many live life and how few live and make a mark.


And here goes my rest of the day in brief imagery. I hope you enjoy it.

I highly recommend a visit to this location and make sure you have enough time since they will kick you out by 5pm at least thats what they did on our trip

I hope you enjoy this

Peace and Love

About raassi

A Photographer and an Activist for peace and love. I am a photographer reside in DC area focused on fashion, portrait and commercial photography. I do some cultural and travel photography which both is a big part of my learning process of life, people, cultures and locations. This blog is just a showcase of my travel and cultural experiences
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One Response to Arlington National Cemetery

  1. Paula says:

    Great job, Prince. My favorites are the one of Kelvin leaning looking at his camera with the extreme angles, and the black and white of the tree with the clouds in the back. xxx

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