Kathina Ceremony

Kathina Ceremony

Kathina Ceremony

What is Kathina Ceremony:

I am not going to pretend I am the expert in the field by trying to explain this to you. I will direct you to another source which I came across researching the event:

Source www.buddhist-tourism.com (Click the link to be guided to the informative web page explaining all there is to this ceremony)

My Experience:

Nov 2010, I had the pleasure of accompanying another friend and fellow photographer to the Thai Kathina Ceremony which was filled with cultural learning, festivity and entertainment. Did I mention the delicious fresh Thai food?!

We drove there and as soon as I entered the parking which was nothing but an open grass area, carefully organized and divided with ropes from one end to the other, I realized the professionalism of the organizers of the event.

Being the music Lover this image was the first thing which caught my eyes

Music @ Kathina

Music @ Kathina

A small group of musician on a stage playing different instrument. yet again this image reminded me of a day filled with excitement and happiness.

The Instruments

The Instruments

After getting carried away in the sound of music, I started exploring the venue.

The Bazar:

The Kathina Bazzar

The Bazzar view

The Bazar looking set with many merchants selling fresh food and all sort of other Thai items, was a scene you couldn’t miss.

Every merchant greets you with a smile and offers you a peek at their stands

The Ceremony:

I let the images take you through the rest of my journey on this event


OK thats all I got for you on this event, I am very much sure as soon as I re-read this post I will have it re-done till then enjoy the photos.

Peace and Love

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