Brentsville Courthouse Historic Centre

Brentsville Courthouse Historic Centre

Bristow, Virginia


Brentsville Courthouse

As usual I wont get into details of explaining the history since so many people have done it better than I can ever imagine plus I got to read about it myself from other sources.

So here is the history and more details about this historic location:

My Experience:

I attended my Photography school on another cold winter Saturday morning and as an assignment we had to go out for a shoot with a purpose of achieving a timeless shot. a shot that when you look at you cant get the sense of when the image was taken regardless of the technical aspect of new equipment and technology.

The instructor has appointed two locations for us student in DC area to go and shoot with a mild option of choosing our own destination and of course being me I had to go with what I wanted to choose. I love the freedom of “choice”

Story short after getting a permission from the instructor I had another classmate interested to go with me on this shoot, now all we needed was a location for the shoot after a quick Google search the night before I had two options in mind 1. Manassas National Battlefield Park 2. Champ’s Mill.

While in class trying to get out and get ready for shoot, being the only person who decided to go on his own google search came out to be less accurate than expected and I emailed myself the address of Brentsville Courthouse.

Brentsville Courthouse

Brentsville Courthouse

With all the excitement of finding ourselves in a timeless battlefield after driving for about an hour soon we came across the reality of a simple mistake. There was no battlefield, neither any canons.

We made the best of it shoot as many as we could explore all the buildings which were not more than 5 and yet another disappointment, all were closed.

here are few more of my favorite shots of the day, hope you enjoy this post and images.

P.S. there is a promise of a museum and tours on their official site so maybe you will have a better luck visiting than we had.

Peace and Love

About raassi

A Photographer and an Activist for peace and love. I am a photographer reside in DC area focused on fashion, portrait and commercial photography. I do some cultural and travel photography which both is a big part of my learning process of life, people, cultures and locations. This blog is just a showcase of my travel and cultural experiences
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4 Responses to Brentsville Courthouse Historic Centre

  1. Kelvin Nova says:

    Hey Prince,

    I’m very impressed that you took the time to take photos of a complete different scenery than everyone else’s in class. Another thing that we have in common is that I like the fact that you have focused on a historical topic both artistically & verbally through these wonderful images. The details are great, exposure & composition are both awesome. Your definitely becoming an excellent photographer.
    Best of luck my friend!

    • raassi says:

      Hey Kelvin
      Thank you so much for your nice words, I appreciate it very much.
      You know me, I am not a fan of following, I like to lead 😛
      Im following and loving your improvement and achievements as well
      We need to plan a shoot together soon
      Peace and Love

  2. mariakane says:

    Wow what great shots of our little town’s Historic center. I was there yesterday and also took a lot of photos, but yours were so much better. I am planning on attending a tour coming up soon on Oct. 25. Did you know the place is haunted?

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