Fort McHenry “The Birthplace of the National Anthem”

Fort McHenry

Baltimore, Maryland

Fort Mchenry
Fort Mchenry

How did I come to know Fort Mchenry:

It was another day off for me at my full time job and I needed to shoot for an assignment for my passion, which is photography, so I reached out to a dear friend who lives in Baltimore to go and see her with a promise that she will show me around the city with the purpose of finding a photographic scene.

She did well, after shooting around the harbor we headed to Fort McHenry.

We were greeted with smile of a man in uniform, paid 7$ per person to be able to get around and enter the fort.

Then politely with a smile we were asked by a very nice gentleman, Mr. Bryan if we were interested to watch a 15 minutes video about the history of the fort (Which I definitely recommend watching, because it will give you a whole different sense of place and time while you are wondering around.)

After watching the video me, my friend and my camera start wondering around the area walking around the canon balls, the tiny prisons, underground barracks and shelters.

Fort McHenry
The Fort McHenry

Before the end at one of the rooms we were greeted by Mr. Jim Rogers who took the time to teach us so much about the everyday living of the soldiers at the Fort, up to the little details of how they dressed, ate, bathed, lived and fought. He was pleasantly polite, informative and simply a very nice teacher.

Fort's entertainment and food
Fort McHenry “A display of items carried and used by soldiers”

Wrapping this up for you as a foreign guy on a foreign land and above all as human, I enjoyed this trip very much, learned so much about the history, took amazing photos, had a blast and enjoyed every bit of human encounter I had with the good people who have worked in that day 🙂

Things to do and not to do on this trip:

To Dos:

  1. Make the trip in spring (Probably nicer)
  2. Check their website for events
  3. Watch their 15 minutes historic video
  4. Take a camera
  5. And please do a small contribution at the end there is a box in the lobby

Not to Dos:

  1. Do not dress fancy
  2. No fancy shoes, hills or whatever kind you might damage specially in the moody seasons
  3. Do not dispose your garbage anywhere
  4. I cant come up with anything else so there are much more to dos than not to dos (that’s good thing, isn’t it?!)
The Chair

No matter where you come from, we always appreciate and take pride in bravery, that’s what those soldiers did, yet again no matter where we come from we can always appreciate and enjoy a piece of history.

I hope you all enjoying my perspective both visually and verbally on this little trip.

For more info on this location visit:

This is my first write up so let me know what you think everyone!

© Prince Raassi

Peace and Love

About raassi

A Photographer and an Activist for peace and love. I am a photographer reside in DC area focused on fashion, portrait and commercial photography. I do some cultural and travel photography which both is a big part of my learning process of life, people, cultures and locations. This blog is just a showcase of my travel and cultural experiences
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2 Responses to Fort McHenry “The Birthplace of the National Anthem”

  1. Paula says:

    Hi Prince –
    I enjoyed reading your post, it’s nice to read about the photographer’s experience beyond the images. Beautiful lighting on the table shot. Keep up the good work my friend, I will always cheer for you 🙂 !

    • raassi says:


      Thank you so much for nice words, I appreciate both compliments and @ times your criticism… 😉

      I am glad you enjoy both writing and imaging contributions on my blog specially that Im a new comer to the blogging world

      Peace and Love

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